05 mar

Extenders for OEM handguards for new Honda XL750 Transalp

You are not alone if you think that OEM white handguards offers too low wind or rain protection during the ride. I waited a few months and our eastern friends are not disappointing in matter of copying abilities. They took the original handguards from Honda, copied the design and add something extra… the extenders. After a short conversation I had with the support they offered just the extenders for 30USD. On Aliexpress website they sell them still only in sets – you need to ask about separate link to the payment. The package was in Poland after few days and was protected well. The return was also free, but after installation it will be not needed. I had to add one longer bolt for right handguard near to breaking pump (5x25mm instead of OEM 5x20mm (19mm exactly…) and two nuts. Everything looks solid and fairly good suited. No collisions with tank or WRS Caponord windscreen. Now we need to wait for a bit warmer weather to make practical review after short and long test rides. See you in April!

1) It doesn’t fit well with Kappa/Givi KD1201ST/D1201ST windscreens. There is a small collision.
2) It fits OEM Honda windscreen.

Here is link to Aliexpress website with the handguards: https://aliexpress.com/item/1005006533595786.html

The handguards on my photos are in grey color.